1)    Structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks, chemical evolution, gas-dust interactions
2)    l’Instrument Matisse et l’observation of protoplanetary disks 
3)    Characterization of exoplanets  and their stars in anticipation of PLATO
4)    Development of new optical instrumentation
    4.1  Fringe tracker for Matisse
    4.2   Kernel
    4.3   CIAO
    4.4   SPEED
    4.5   PFI
5)    Formation of the first solids & microstructure evolution
    5.1    Formation of refractory inclusions and chondrules
    5.2    Physical metallurgy and manufactured materials 
    5.3    Numerical materials
    5.4    Chondrites and differentiated meteorites 
    5.5    Analysis of extraterrestrial and primitive samples 
    5.6    Thermodynamics of phase transformations and solidification
6)    Modeling planet formation
    6.1    Formation of planetary embryos and giant planet cores
    6.2    Planet migration
    6.3   Terrestrial planet formation and and links with geochemical modeling
7)    Asteroids : space- and ground-based observational data
8)    Space missions to asteroids
    8.1  Osiris-Rex/Hayabusa-II 
    8.2  AIDA
9)    Internal structure of planets
    9.1  Probing the interiors of giant planets
    9.2  Interior Structure and Evolution of the Terrestrial Planets
    9.3  Multiscale waveform tomography of the planet Earth
    9.4  Orbital and rotational dynamics as constraints on planetary bodies
10)    Organics in the Solar System
    10.1    Rosetta/COSAC
    10.2    ExoMars/MOMA
11)    Modeling fractures, deformations and surface evolution processes
    11.1    Damage and fracture processes of metallic materials
    11.2    Properties and rupture of geomaterials; comparison with metals
    11.3    Observations of planetary surface deformations
    11.4    Collisional cratering and disruptions
    11.5    Origin and Nature of Regolith on Minor Bodies 
    11.6    Dynamics of regolith
12)    Major facilities (existent or planned)
    12.1    Plasma torch
    12.2   High Performance Computation facilities
    12.3   Microstructure analysis platform
    12.4   Robotic telescopes
    12.5   Optical links, time transfer


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