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V - From the first solids to the first planetesimals

Les Houches, France
February 10th-15th, 2013

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The fifth edition of the Winter School « Chronology of the Formation of the Solar System » (a very popular school in the french planetary science community) will take place on February 10-15, 2013, at the Ecole Physique des Houches in the French Alps at the foot of Mt. Blanc. All lectures will be in English and the participation is open to the international community.

Scientific Organizers

A.Morbidelli (Côte d’Azur Observatory, Nice, France)
M. Chaussidon (CRPG, Nancy, France)
B. Marty (CRPG, Nancy, France)
P. Michel (Côte d’Azur Observatory, Nice, France)
F. Robert (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France)

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Lecturer Theme Format  Cours
J. Nuth (gsfc, NASA) Condensation sequence : observations, pros and cons 3h pdfNuth_Houches2013.pdf6.56 Mo
E. Young (UCLA) Irradiation and isotopic fractionation 3h pdfYoung_Houches2013.pdf15.32 Mo
C. Dullemond (MPI, Heidelberg) Thermodynamical models of protoplanetary disks 2h pdfDullemond_Houches2013.pdf188.91 Ko
A.Boley (U. Floride) - TBC Spiral waves and heat effects in disks 2h pdfBoley_Houches2013.pdf8.81 Mo
A.Dutrey (Obs. Bordeaux) First results of ALMA on protoplanetary disks 2h pdfDutrey_Houches2013.pdf4.47 Mo
G. Libourel (CRPG, Nancy) The formation of CAI and chondrules 3h

pdfLibourel1_Houches2013.pdf54.72 Mo

pdfLibourel2_Houches2013.pdf47.75 Mo

M. Chaussidon (CRPG, Nancy) La chronologie de l’accrétion des planétésimaux 2h pdfChaussidon_Houches2013.pdf3.60 Mo
A.Johansen (U. Lund) Formation of planetesimals by self-gravity 4h pdfJohansen_Houches2013.pdf13.10 Mo
M. Gounelle (MNHN, Paris) Meteorites and Stardust :
Similarities and differences between planetesimals 
2h pdfGounelle_Houches2013.pdf115.06 Mo
S. Raymond (O. Bordeaux) Dynamical mixing of planetesimals 2h

pdfRaymond_Houches2013.pdf6.44 Mo

gzRaymond_houches.tar.gz201.34 Mo

M. Meyer (ETH, Zurich) Evolution of dusts in protoplanetary disks 2h pdfMeyer_Houches2013.pdf11.12 Mo

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2001 : I Chronologie de la formation du Système Solaire
2004 : II Des grains présolaires aux objets de Kuiper
2006 : III Formation des premiers solides
2009 : IV L’accrétion et la différentiation des corps planétaires
2013 : V From the first solids to the first planetesimals
2017 : VI The outer Solar System and its relationship with the InterStellar Medium