Maître de Conférence Hors-Classe (Lecturer Tenured)

University cursus & Professional experience

2008-2021: Maître de conférence (Lecturer) Nice University, researcher at Geoazur, Nice

1997-01, 2003 : Maître de conférence (Lecturer) J. Fourier University, researcher at LGCA/ISTERRE, Grenoble

1997: Post-doc, Capital Humain/Mobility fellowship Barcelone (Spain), Sea Surface temperature reconstruction from alkenone (advisor J. Grimalt).

1995: Post-doc Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (USA): geochemistry of Greenland ice-core dust to trace the atmospheric circulation (adv. P. Biscaye)

1993-95: Phd Paleoceanography and isotopic geochemistry, University of Bordeaux (advisor F. Grousset)


2019-2020: CRCT CNU section 35 (6 months)

2005-07: Délégation CNRS -Géoazur- Villefranche/mer: Nile deep sea-fan research

2001-2002: Detachement CNRS, invited scientist at Geology Department at Australia National University, Canberra, Australia: On Australian Aeolian dust and its contribution to Antarctic ice cores (Australian grants)

Research topics

I am interested in different topics that help to better understand past climatic variation from the Quaternary sediment and ice core archives and how initial orbital forcing are either amplified and/or buffered by interactions of the different components of the earth:

Paleoclimatoloy/Paleoceanography: reconstitution from Alps lacustrine sediment, North Atlantic/Mediterranean marine sediment: 3.

Mechanism  of the past African monsoon by studying on high-resolution (~ annual) laminated records from the Nile deep-sea fan and the Abhe basin in Ethiopia/Djibouti: 1. 4.

Atmospheric sciences: geochemistry of aeolian mineral dust: 2.

Climate-environment-human co-evolution: I collaborate with archeologists (Cepam) to better understand human-climate interactions 5

Tools: Radiogenic isotopes (Nd, Sr, Pb) and major/trace elements, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy

I am strongly involved in the transmission of knowledge on the evolution of the past and future climate for the students

Recent topics Publications

  1. Chemical erosion rates in the Blue Nile basin and atmospheric Co2 consumption, Bastian., Vigier, Revel et al Chemical Geology 2019
  2. Regionalization of the atmospheric dust cycle on the periphery of the East Antarctic ice sheet since last glacial maximum. Baccolo G., Delmonte B. Albani S., Baroni C., Frezzotti M., Hampai D., Revel M., et al. G3, 19, 2018
  3. T. Vadsaria, S. Zaragosi, G.Ramstein, J-C Dutay, L. Li, G. Siani, M. Revel, T. Obase & A. Abe‑Ouchi, 2022. Freshwater influx to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea from the melting of the Fennoscandian ice sheet during the last deglaciation. Scientific Reports | (2022) 12:8466
  4. Abrupt response of chemical weathering to Late Quaternary hydroclimate changes in northeast Africa, Bastian L., Revel M., Bayon G., Dufour A., Vigier N. Scientific Reports, 7,44231, 2017.
  5. Carlo Mologni, Marie Revel, Luc Bastian, Germain Bayon, Delphine Bosch, et al.. Enhanced continental weathering ( δ 7 Li, ε Nd) during the rise of East African complex polities: an early large-scale anthropogenic forcing?. Comptes Rendus. Géoscience, 2022, 354 (G2), pp.319-337. ⟨10.5802/crgeos.169⟩


1997-2001/2008-2020: Lecturer in Geology, Sedimentology and Climatology, courses, practical classes and field schools for undergraded to graduated students (192 HOURS/YEAR), Grenoble, Nice University

2018-2020: reorganization of teaching at the University of Nice, implementation of a double degree. Responsable of the parcours "Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate” in Licence SV-ST & ST-Physique (

2012-2019: Lecturer in Master PPA: teaching on the African monsoon from practical work on the Nile system sediments  ( and 3G.

2008-2013: Responsable of 3rd year of Licence Sciences de la Terre and responsable of research stage (1 month, 50 students).

Last student supervision

2022-2025 Phd C. Turel, Archives des évènements extrêmes dans les sédiments marins au large de Taiwan / sud Ryukyus (PI G. Ratzov; co-encadrement M.Revel)

2020 M2 A. Chaumulon, Identification of typhoon activity off Taiwan Island for the last 2ka, (with G. Ratzov)

2019 M1 A. Flamand, Identification of typhoon activity off Taiwan Island in the Quaternary (with G. Ratzov)

2017-21 Phd Carlo Mologni IDEX-UCA fellowship (Co-advisor: L. Khalidi, Cepam) (

2014-2017 Phd Luc Bastian MRT fellowship + ATER (Co-advisor: N. Vigier, LOV) (

15 students in master supervised during 4-5 month each

SCientific Responsibility

2021-2022: Member of Scientific Council of ED-SFA (Ecole Doctorale Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées). Representation of the laboratory GEOAZUR  -->  ED-SFA.

2020-22: Co-responsible of the team MARGES of Geoazur (~20 researchers)--> Membre du Conseil Scientifique (élaboration de la prospective HCERES)

2020-22: Member of the "Conseil pédagogique" of Master PPA

2020-22: Member of the National Council of Universities, Section 36 in College B.

2018-2022 Member of Scientific Council of OTECCA : Observatoire de la transition écologique et citoyenne


2023-2027: ANR MEGA (PI S. Migeon, Geoazur).The MEGA project aims at documenting and modelling the causes of the triggering of giant submarine landslides, with field application ALONG THE NILE and Amazon fans. The work hypothesis focuses on the role of gas hydrates, in particular in response to
climatic-driven changes in gas hydrates stability along potential landslide rupture plan.

2021-2025: PI of ANR-PRC-CES03 NILAFAR: The NILe and AFAR regions: hydrologic changes and impact on human adaptation in the last 20,000 years. 28 researchers from 10 research centers are involved in this multidisciplinary project (geosciences, archeology and climate modelling). (560 k€).

2020-23:  ANR MEDSENS (MEDiterranean thermohaline circulation SENSitivity: lessons from the past for future (PI K. Tachikawa, Cerege)

2019-2022 BQRs OCA/IRD  geochemical study of the Gamari & Afambo sediment in Afar region.


2018-20: CLIMAFAR - L'adaptation humaine face aux changements CLIMatiques dans les régions du Nil et de l'AFAR de 25,000 ans à aujourd’hui, (Agence Nationale de la Recherche « Investissements d’Avenir UCAJEDI n° ANR-15-IDEX-01 » 40 k€) porté par L. Khalidi (CEPAM-CNRS) et M. Revel (Géoazur-UCA).

2019: INSU-Aléas Eager (PI G. Ratzov)


2017-2018 : Projet Palmes INSU-LEFE (PI C. Colin)

2015-2017: PI INSU-TELLUS, Paleo-hydrology and paleo-erosion of Nil catchment, Lithium and Neodymium isotopes.

2016: PI BQR-OCA (Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur), Solar activity forcing of Nile flood input since 25 ka

2010-2011 : Projet INSU section Océan-Atmosphère : From the BLACK Sea to the eastern MEDiterranean: new insights into the regional deglacial climate (BLACKMED). Porteur: G. Ménot (CEREGE). Montant : 10 k€.

2013-2015 MISTRAL-Paleomex Co-PI study of deep sea fan for hydrological reconstruction in Mediterranean Sea

2009-2010: Regional Project PACA LADICIA, Human-Environment Relationship in High Mountains: Detrital, Climate and Anthropogenic Impacts in the Southern Alps (Lakes of Allos and Vens). Leaders: C. Miramont, F. Guiter (IMBE) and M. Revel (Geoazur).

2009-2011 : Participation to the Projet ANR LAMA, Holocene changes in environment and climate, and history of human societies in Central Mediterranean as reflected by LAke and MArine records. Leaders : N. Combourieu Nebout & M. Magny.

2009 PI INSU Blanc, Heinrich events recorded in the Rhodanien and Nile deep sea fans

2008-2010 ANR-PYGMALION, PaléohYdroloGy and huMAn–cLimate-envIronment interactions in the Alps. (PI :F. Arnaud, Co-PI for isotopic geochemistry of lacustrine sediment, 600 k€).

2007-2009 PI EGIDE Quaternary Climate Fluctuations Study of the Nile Continental Margin and the Nile Deep Sea Fan (EGIDE IMHOTEP). Co-PI S. Kholeif (Alexandria, Geology Department).

2004-2006 PI INSU-ECLIPSE APHRODYTE, Paleohydrology in North Alps from lacustrine sediment

2002-2004 PI of Australian fundings (Australian National University, Canberra): Geochemistry of the potential sources of the Australian aeolian dust.

Oceanographic Cruises/Lacustrine Seismic survey-coring

1995-2021: 11 oceanographic cruises from mainly the Marion-Dufresne vessel.

2020: SEAGAL: seismic survey and coring, Nile deep sea fan. N/O Pourquoi Pas, Head of mission: S. Migeon

2016 MD-203: ACCLIMATE: Durban- Walvis Bay  Core drilling campaign in northern Antarctica. N/O Marion-Dufresne. Head of mission : C. Waelbroeck

2018: EAGER: Core drilling campaign in eastern Taiwan. N/O MD. Heads of mission N. Babonneau & G. Ratzov

Seismic survey and coring of lakes in the Alps  (Head or co-head of mission)

August 1998/99 : Calamar I & II, montain lakes in the reserves of Aiguilles Rouges massif  and Sixt-Passy Massif.

Sept. 2001 : ECCHYMOSE, Lake of the Bourget.

Feb. 2001 : CACHALAUX, Lake of the Anterne

Sept. 2004 : APHRODYTE, Lake of the Bourget.

Sept. 2009 : DOLCE VITA I, Lakes of Vens & Allos.

Sept. 2010 : CAPRISES, Lakes of Allos & Vens

April 2013 : DOLCE VITA II, Lake of Vens.

Last Jury of PhD and HDR

2020: member of Teacher-Researcher (MCF) Selection Committee of Géochronologie des archives du quaternaire (University of PARIS_SUD)

2022 : Rapporteur of the Phd of M. Leblanc , Orsay. (Études des périodes humides Africaines enregistrées au cours des deux derniers cycles climatiques).

2021: Rapporteur of the Phd of W. Rapuc (Les grands lacs périalpins: archives du fonctionnement de la zone critique)

2019: Rapporteur of the Phd of M. Le Quilleuc (geochemical characterization of dust deposited at Mbour, West Africa)

2018: Rapporteur of the HDR of Mojtahid M., Université d’Angers

2018: Rapporteur of the Phd of A. Dawelbeit, Isterre, Université de Grenoble

2016 : Rapporteur of the Phd Q. Dubois-Dauphin à l’Université de Paris-sud 11 : Restitution de l’hydrologie de l’Atlantique Nord-Est et de la Méditerranée occidentale depuis la dernière période glaciaire.

main Scientific Animation

2022 Conference in Estienne d'Orve Lycée : le réchauffement actuel: y a t-il des analogues dans le passé ?

2019 Rereading of the Book "Hé... la mer monte" by E. Chaumillon et al., published by Poil de carotte.

Mai 2019 Animation on the climate

2017 : participation à Pint of sciences :


56 peer- review publication, h-index 30, 3000 citations (Web of Sciences).

in 2022:

Mologni, C., Revel, M., Bastian, L., Bayon, G., Bosch, D., Khalidi, L., Vigier, N., accepted. Enhanced continental weathering (δ7Li) during the rise of East African complex societies: an early large-scale anthropogenic forcing? Comptes Rendus Geoscience.

T. Vadsaria, S. Zaragosi, G.Ramstein, J-C Dutay, L. Li, G. Siani, M. Revel, T. Obase & A. Abe‑Ouchi, 2022. Freshwater influx to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea from the melting of the Fennoscandian ice sheet during the last deglaciation.
Scientific Reports | (2022) 12:8466

in 2021:

Clay Li and Nd isotopes response to hydroclimate changes in the Changjiang (Yangtze) basin over the past 14,000 years. C. Yang, N. Vigier, S. Yang, M. Revel, L. Bi. Earth and Planetary Letters 561, 116793, 2021.

Co-variations of climate and silicate weathering in the Nile Basin during the Late Pleistocene. Mologni, C., Bastian L., Vigier N., Bayon G., Lamb H., Bosch D., Kerros, M.-E., Colin C., Revel M., 2021. Quaternary Science Reviews 264, 107012.

Holocene East African monsoonal variations recorded in wave-dominated clastic paleo-shorelines of Lake Abhe, Central Afar region (Ethiopia & Djibouti). Mologni C., Bruxelles L., Schuster M., Davtian G., Ménard C., Orange F., Doubre C., Cauliez J., Berhane T.H., Revel. M., Khalidi L. 2021. Geomorphology, 391, 2021.

Recent Presentations in Congress

2022: invited conference at ORREC, Djibouti Oct : Observatoire Régional de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Climat (ORREC). L'observatoire à pour objectif de collaborer avec les pays d’Afrique de l’Est, sujet à la sécheresse et à la famine à mieux gérer ses ressources en eau et en nourriture, de plus en plus menacées par le réchauffement climatique. L'ORREC utilisera des techniques nucléaires, géochimique et connexes pour produire des données et des modèles climatiques pouvant éclairer les décisions politiques en matière d’adaptation et de résilience climatiques pour le pays et potentiellement pour toute la région d’Afrique de l’Est.

Climate change and human lakeside occupation in the Central Afar Region (Lake Abhe basin, Ethiopia & Djibouti) during the Later Stone Age - Neolithic transition: a multi-scalar and multi-proxy approach. European Geosciences Union (EGU), Vienne, 2-8 mai 2020. C. Mologni, L. Khalidi, M. Revel, L. Bruxelles, J. Cauliez, F. Arnaud, E. Malet, E. Chaumillon, G. Davtian, L. Schenini.

Climate change and paleolandscape evolution during the Later Stone Age to Neolithic transition in the Central Afar region (Ethiopia & Djibouti). Quaternaire 12, Paris-Aubervilliers, 3-8 Février 2020 (Oral). C. Mologni, L. Bruxelles, L. Khalidi, J. Cauliez, M. Revel, F. Arnaud, M. Clément.

Co-variations of climate and silicate weathering in the Nile Basin during the Late Pleistocene. Goldschmidt Conférence, Barcelone, June 2019. L. Bastian, M. Revel, G. Menot, G. Bayon, H. Lamb, S. Pivot, E. Bard, N. Vigier.

Dynamiques Culturelles et Transformation de paysages dans un continent en mutation : du Big Dry à l’Holocène dans l’Est Africain » (Toulouse, 25-28 Septembre 2019) C. Mologni, L. Bruxelles, L. Khalidi, J. Cauliez, M. Revel, C. Ménard.

Record of past extreme events in marine sediments offshore Eastern Taiwan: Preliminary results of the MD214 EAGER Oceanographic Cruise. AGU, 2019. G. RATZOV, N. BABONNEAU, S. K. HSU, A. Tien-Shun LIN, D. SU. S. LALLEMAND, M. REVEL, A. FLAMENT, B. WILHELM, A CATTANEO, MA BASSETTI, D. BOSCH, and the EAGER Scientific Team

Understanding abrupt arid events in North-East Africa over the last 5ky BP. A multi-scale and multi-proxy approach. 4.2 ka BP Event Workshop, Pisa, January 2018 (POSTER). L. Bastian, C. Mologni, N. Vigier, G. Bayon, I. Bouloubassi, L. Bruxelles, J. Cauliez, L. Khalidi, M. Revel.

Impact of Heinrich stadials on North-East Africa soils during the Late Quaternary, Goldschmidt Conférence, Paris, Aout 2017 (ORAL). Bastian L., Vigier N., Bayon G., Dufour A., Lamb H., Revel M.

Nile margin sediments: archives of landscape instability over the Nile catchments, Goldschmidt Conférence, Paris, Aout 2017. (Poster) Revel M., Bastian L., Colin C., Bonneau L., Bosch D.

Response of chemical weathering in North-east Africa to Late Quaternary hydro-climate changes, Journées Scientifiques « Climat et Impacts », Université de Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, Novembre 2016.

Links between continental weathering and climate in the Nile Basin since 30 ka, Goldschmidt Conférence, Yokohama, Juin 2016 (POSTER) 

Paléo-altération du bassin versant du Nil depuis le LGM: exploration par les isotopes du lithium, 15ème Congrès Français de l’Association des Sédimentologues de France, Chambéry, Octobre 2015 (ORAL) 

Investigating Li Isotope Composition of Nile Deltaic Sediments as Paleotracer of Continental Alteration, 11th Applied Isotope Geochemistery Conference AIG-11, Orleans, Septembre 2015 (POSTER) 2009-2010 :2023-