Workshop Gaia for TeachersOn Thursday 27th and Friday 28th April, the educational office of the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur organized an international training event. High school teachers from France but also from Europe (Portugal, Spain, Rumania, Germany) discovered the GAIA mission through educational activities.

Towards the end of the GAIA Symposium, the educational office held another event in partnership with the SF2A and the ESA: the GAIA Workshop for Teachers. During the two-day meeting, about 30 French, Portuguese, German, Romanian and Spanish high school teachers were presented, in English, a series of educational activities about GAIA. These contents, proposed by ESA and adapted by the OCA - or completely realized by the OCA in some cases - will allow the teachers to address the subjects of spectrometry, astrometry, parallax measurement, photometry and orbits to illustrate or to complete their school curriculum.

P1050451Particularly appreciated, the teachers also benefited from scientific conferences. Stefan Jordan, Frantz Martinache, Georges Kordopatis and Paolo Tanga presented to them the GAIA mission and their own work in its context. Teachers profited to interact with them, with all kind of questions that was useful to largely increase their comprehension about this spatial mission.

The 2-days training ended with very satisfied teachers, ready to raise awareness in future generations to discoveries in astronomy and who knows, perhaps to awaken vocations.