The Côte d’Azur Observatory and especially the Lagrange Laboratory Team who have worked on MATISSE project, won the Innovation Trophy and the Climate-Energy Trophy of the Conseil Départemental des Alpes Maritimes. On November 24th, the President, Charles-Ange Ginésy gave this collective award to Philippe Stee, Lagrange’s Manager and Bruno Lopez, scientific supervisor of the MATISSE project, for its innovative aspect and all the scientific possibilities it gives on the understanding of the creation of our planets.

remise trophee Lagrange researchers are building the MATISSE tool on the Very Large Telescope on Mount Paranal in Chile. After 15 years of development including 1 years for all the tests in Lagrange Laboratory (Côte d’Azur Observatory/ CNRS/ Nice Sophia Antipolis University), we will be enable to study circumstellar disks surrounding young stars. So we will be enable to have a better understanding of The Earth and all the planets’ start.

They all have participated to the MATISSE project : Bruno Lopez, Pierre Antonelli, Stéphane Lagarde, Romain Petrov, Philippe Berio, Sylvie Robbe-Dubois, Florentin Millour, Alexis Matter, Pierre Cruzalèbes, Fatmé Allouche, Christophe Baillet, Yves Bresson, Anthony Meilland, Jean-Michel Clausse, Sébastien Morel, Yann Fanteï, Sylvain Rousseau, Aurélie Marcotto, Anthony Soulain, Florence Guitton, Alain Spang, Grégoire Martinot Lagarde, Alain Chelli, Martin Vannier, Isabelle Lapassat-Bailet, Sébastien Flament, Philippe Stee, Thierry Lanz, Sébastien Ottogalli, Serge Bonhomme, Nicolas Mauclert, Thierry Parrat, Paul Girard, Marco Delbo, Jean-Charles Augereau, Eric Pantin, Jean-Luc Menut, Farrokh Vakili, Jean-Marie Delannoy, Yves Hugues, Olivier Chesneau et Michel Dugué. And our German, Dutch, Austrian and Hungarian co-workers from partner institutes.