GEOAZUR/LSCE/EDYTEM/LIENSs/CEREGE: P. Brigode is a specialist in fluvial flow reconstitution. We will combine a multi-proxy approach with hydro-climatic models to quantitatively address questions of climate-monsoon and environmental factors of paleohydrology change. The modelling will be coordinated by M. Kageyama and P. Braconnot, internationally renowned experts of paleoclimate and proxy-enabled modelling. In geoscience, we will benefit from the expertise of E. Chaumillon (LIENSs) & F. Arnaud (EDYTEM). F. Arnaud is one of the leading researchers in lake sediment studies, he will bring his renowned expertise in lake sediment coring (leader of the “continent” workpackage within CLIMCOR national equipment of excellence project). E. Chaumillon and S. Migeon have long experience in seismic surveys. The CEREGE (Aix-en-Provence) has a long tradition of research in intertropical Africa, particularly in Ethiopia and Djibouti. F. Chalié is an expert of micropaleontological proxies and quantification by transfer functions. She is a pioneer in the innovative use of experimentation on cultures to define the autoecology of diatoms to reconstruct past seasonal variations in hydrology. F. Sylvestre is an expert in diatom taxonomy, diatom-inferred hydrology, and diatom oxygen isotope proxies. She has a great deal of experience in tropical paleoclimatology working in Central & Western Africa, and Lake Chad.

INORGANIC and ORGANIC ANALYSES: M. Revel (Geoazur), N. Vigier (LOV), G. Ménot (ENS) and J. Jacob (LSCE) are internationally recognized researchers of paleoclimate who have developed innovative proxies in sediment archives with the field of Li/Nd isotope development, molecular biomarkers and their isotopic compositions, respectively.


CEPAM/ TRACES/ CFEE/ MNHN: L. Khalidi, L. Purdue, G. Davtian, M. Gabriele (CEPAM), J. Cauliez, F. Bon, L. Coudert (TRACES), L. Bruxelles (TRACES/INRAP), J. Lesur (MNHN) and C. Ménard (CFEE) have extensive experience in archaeological excavations, geoarchaeology and geomorphological surveys. The multidisciplinary NILAFAR project is largely based on previous work of three complementary archaeological programs in the Afar and the Central Rift Valley (VAPOR-Afar, PSPCA and LSA Sequence). L. Khalidi currently directs the VAPOR-Afar program in the Ethiopian Afar. J. Cauliez currently directs the PSPCA program in the Djibouti Afar. C. Ménard directs the LSA Sequence program.

International laboratories and institutes: