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Automated SCARDEC Analyses

lundi 12 mai 2014 par Martin Vallée


This page gathers the earthquakes information determined in near-real time by the SCARDEC method, until 2013/12/31. When clicking on each earthquake line, a map with the main SCARDEC results is presented. The focal mechanism, moment magnitude, depth, as well as a representative source time function of the earthquake, are shown. Numerical values of focal mechanism parameters and seismic moment are written below the map. The first earthquake of the automatic analyses is on 2011/08/01. To illustrate the results, some older large earthquakes have been inserted before this date.

SCARDEC solutions of earthquakes after 2014/01/01 are available on the Geoscope website, where Martin Vallée -principal investigator of the method- has moved in 2013.

More information about the SCARDEC procedure and acknowlegments are provided in the "detailed notes" section.

If using some of the results of this webpage, please refer to : Vallée, M., J. Charléty, A.M.G. Ferreira, B. Delouis, and J. Vergoz, SCARDEC : a new technique for the rapid determination of seismic moment magnitude, focal mechanism and source time functions for large earthquakes using body wave deconvolution, Geophys. J. Int., 184, 338-358, 2011.


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